Tuna Salad w/Red Beans ‘n Sweet Corn: 12-Pack

Tuna Salad with Kidney Beans and Sweet Corn adds a southwestern kick to your menu with a slight sweetness, bright crimson beans, and chunks of our delicious Skipjack Tuna packed in all natural sauces with no artificial preservatives. It's a convenient and delicious meal-on-the-run for the health-conscious, busy professional, and perfect for home, office, school lunches, parties, camping, emergency food supplies, etc.

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Product Description

The Queen of The Coast Tuna Salad is a nutritious, delicious, and convenient “Ready-To-Eat” meal in Easy-Open can that consists of our premium quality, delicious Solid Light Skipjack Tuna and your choice of vegetables, packed in all natural sauces/ingredients with no artificial preservatives. It’s a dream-come-true for the health conscious busy professional and requires NO HEATING OR REFRIGERATION. It’s also a healthy meal for the whole family and a great source of Omega (3) Fatty Acid. The convenience of the Tuna Salad makes them a healthy alternative to “fast food” and perfect for the Home, Office, School Lunch, Picnics, parties, camping, Emergency Food Supply etc. Skipjack Tuna is known to have the lowest mercury content of all Tuna species, and much safer for pregnant women and children than Albacore and Yellow-fin Tuna. This case pack contains 12-cans of The Queen of The Coast Tuna Salad with Red beans and Sweet corn. Product of Portugal.

Solid Light Tuna, Red Beans, Sweet Corn. Water, Sunflower oil, Vinegar, Onion, Red pepper, Salt, Spices, Carob bean gum and Guar gum.
Calories per serving 100; Total Fat (Omega 3) 6g; Protein 8g; Sodium 220mg; Sugars 0g; Total Carb 5g; Dietary Fiber 3g.Dietary Fiber 1g.