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Norwegian Stockfish is world famous for its quality. Premium quality stockfish requires the right balance of weather and temperature.

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The Queen Of The Coast© Brand Tuna Salads combine gourmet tastes and textures with pop-top convenience to provide you a healthy, complete lunch or snack.

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Fish in general is high in protein, low in saturated fats and is an excellent source of B vitamins and zinc.

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Smoked, dried, and preserved fish products are popular choices among many families today. They make mealtimes easy, adding protein and other essential nutrients to delicious meals. With the increase in their popularity, consumers are demanding high quality preserved fish from their grocers. Since these products are often the centerpiece of many of today’s most delicious meals, it is crucial that you offer your customers the very best.

Quality Products

At LaRuche Imports Inc., we pride ourselves on offering only the best products to grocers and shop owners around the world. We take the time to source the best suppliers, holding them to the same high standards we know you hold us to. All of our products have no artificial preservatives. Each one is prepared in a way that preserves their natural nutrients and is available at affordable prices.

In particular, we specialize in supplying delicious and nutritious stockfish, canned fish, and smoke-dried fish products. Our suppliers of stockfish are companies based in Norway, each one with a focus on catching and preserving fish in a healthy yet tasty way. At LaRuche Imports Inc. we only sell the finest Norwegian Round Cod products. We ensure that each one of our suppliers puts the fish through a three-month drying process, preserving both its flavor and its nutrients.

We take pride in processing our own smoked fish at our facility in Houston, Texas to ensure that our customers enjoy the finest smoked fish products available. Each smoked fish product starts with the freshest fish, taking care to maintain the ideal temperatures for smoking, before, during, and after the process. We also use a special blend of chemical-free wood to enhance the flavor of all our smoked products. This process preserves the nutrients found in fish, including its omega-3 fatty acids.

Our canned fish comes from Portugal, the oldest seafood cannery still in operation. They share our dedication to delivering the finest quality products with the best possible customer service. The cannery combines technological innovation with the nutritional knowledge to produce delicious products every time.

Customer Service

Another one of our points of pride is our fantastic customer service. We have made it our mission to deliver the best products with the best possible service to all our consumers. This is why we established our Preferred Customer program, where wholesalers can take advantage of low prices on quality seafood, with free shipping (within the United States) on all purchases. Contact us today to learn more about this program.

Grocers and other shop owners looking to find the best quality of smoked, dried, and canned seafood can take a look at our online store or contact our customer service department. You can also learn more about the products we sell, including nutritional information and ways to encourage your customers to invest in this healthy product.

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