LaRuche Imports, Inc. is a Houston based importer and wholesale distributor of fine European seafood products.

Established as a Texas Corporation in 1994, the company began its operation in Dallas, Texas as an importer of Norwegian and Icelandic Dried Codfish products (Stockfish). Due to strong sales and revenue growth following our first year of operation, our founding President/CEO, Mr. Uche G. Kanu relocated our corporate offices to Houston, Texas, affording us closer proximity to the Port of Houston. Since then, we have grown to become the biggest importer and wholesale distributor of Norwegian and Icelandic Stockfish products in the United States.

Our success as a market leader in Stockfish distribution created a demand by our established customers for more assortment of quality European seafood products, and led to the expansion of our product line with the addition of The Queen of The Coast brand. The Queen of The Coast brand is widely known as “The World’s Finest Seafood Product” and consists of the historically famous and delicious Portuguese Sardines, Tuna, Tuna Salads, etc., packed in all natural sauces with no artificial preservatives.

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