Canned fish is fish that has been cleaned, processed, and sealed tightly in a can. Once the can has been sealed, heat is applied to ensure the meat does not spoil.  One of the best shelf-stable sources of meat-based proteins in history, canned fish has been an important food source for many years. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, protein, and various other nutrients essential to proper development and growth, canned fish is also a cost-effective way to improve your diet.

Why Buy Canned Fish?

Canned fish is shelf-stable and won’t spoil quickly like other meats and fresh foods.  As the fish is pre-cooked, it’s ready to eat right out of the can. A combination like this has historically offered an advantage in providing nutrition to the developing world where electricity and proper refrigeration may not always be available.  As time has passed, the popularity and versatility of canned fish have helped it to become just as important in more modern economies as well.

For many that don’t have time to cook on a regular basis, canned fish is a quick and healthy food that brings a burst of natural energy to a busy schedule.  It’s also a great way to skip the empty calories fast food offers.  Whether you toss a few cans in a briefcase or a gym bag, canned fish works wonders for an empty stomach.

A Few of Our Favorites

If you’re new to canned fish or are looking to add a bit of variety to your seafood diet, you may be interested in some of the different types of canned fish available.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Tuna Salad with Kidney Beans and Sweet Corn

For those who love Tuna salad, our Tuna Salad with Red Beans and Sweet Corn is one of our more popular offerings and brings a bit of spice and zing to your day.  With a southwestern twist, this meal on the go is sure to put a smile on your face.  Tuna Salad with Red Beans and ultimate works well as a side dish and as a main entrée.

Gourmet Canned TunaGourmet Canned Tuna is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and is also a great way to provide a host of other nutrients to your diet.  As more and more people find themselves with limited time to prepare and serve fresh fish, Gourmet Canned Tuna can be an ideal way to top a salad, enhance a hot-dish, or create a fantastic sandwich to remember.

Portuguese SardinesAnother popular choice, Portuguese Sardines from The Queen of the Coast brand seafood, are widely regarded as a delicacy around the globe.  A delightful treat that harkens back to a simpler and more elegant time, Portuguese Sardines are packed with essential vitamins, protein, and are also an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

What to Look for on the Label

When it comes to Tuna, the responsible fisherman looks to the mighty Skipjack.  With a shorter lifespan and equally short growing cycle, Skipjack Tuna is considered by most to be a sustainable fishery if harvested wisely.  Other common varieties of Tuna take much longer to reach maturity and as such are more difficult to replenish. Skipjack also contains less mercury than other leading brands and is regarded as safe for those who may be pregnant. By purchasing Skipjack varieties of Tuna, you’re doing your part to support sustainable fishing practices and the general well-being of the Oceans.

Often a mark of quality, European canned fish stands above the rest for its freshness, robust and natural flavoring, and general vitality of the catch.  Drawing from the cold, nutrient-rich waters that surround the coasts of Europe, the Sardines, Mackerel, and Tuna that hail from this region can be considered a gourmet offering at many tables around the world.

The healthiest canned fish uses no artificial flavors or preservatives. While chemical additives can work to preserve flavor and retain freshness, good, quality fish uses all-natural methods to provide an authentic sense of depth to the experience.

Easy Recipes to Try at Home

Spicy Tuna Crisps—Mix up a can of Gourmet Canned Tuna with vinaigrette, a dash of pepper, and a generous spoonful of Wasabi for a special zing.  Apply generously to rice crackers for the ultimate tasty treat.

Grilled Sardine Sandwiches—Grab a can of your favorite sardines and hit the grill! Just a few seconds of high heat on each side will add just a hint of crunch your sandwich needs.  Mix with your favorite cheese, add some tomatoes, lettuce, and a nice helping of mayo and you’re all set!

Mackerel Dip— combine one can of mackerel in tomato sauce, a finely diced onion, a pinch of salt, a ¼ cup of tomato-style hot sauce, a dash of pepper, and a full cup of mayonnaise in a bowl and mix well.  Mackerel dip is best served with whole-wheat crackers and is best if chilled before serving. Enjoy!

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