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Laruche Imports, Inc.

 9314 Summerbell Lane
Houston, TX 77074


Laruche Brands' Houston, Texas Headquarters
Our Corporate Office – Houston, TX

About LaRuche Imports

Headquartered in Houston, TX, LaRuche Imports was founded in 1994 as a supplier of Icelandic and Norwegian Stockfish. We owe a great deal of our early and continued success to a quality product and remain grateful to be a part of the Stockfish Tradition. From our suppliers to our customers, we simply could not be where we are today without the amazing people within this industry.

LaRuche Imports is led by its founder, President, and CEO, Mr. Uche G Kanu.  Under the leadership of Mr. Kanu, LaRuche Imports has grown to become the largest wholesale distributor and importer of Norwegian and Icelandic Stockfish products in the United States. This growth has led to a foundation of strong product demand and loyal customer relationships that have allowed us to look to the future.

We started our company by importing Norwegian and Icelandic Stockfish.  Wild-caught Round Cod from the coastlines of these Nordic is widely known as a clean, healthy, and delicious source of nutrition.  The fish from these regions have long been a traditional staple of many diets around the world.  The cod is dried, cured, and processed in the open coastal air over a period of 3 to 4 months.  This slow process helps to preserve both the taste and nutritional content of the fish.

Thanks to our early success and the high demand for quality seafood products, we were able to expand our offerings to carry The Queen of the Coast Brand products. This expansion has allowed us to offer World-Famous Portuguese Sardines, Tuna, Tuna Salads, and more! The Queen of the Coast brand is produced by Ramirez and Ca. and is highly regarded as “The World’s Finest Seafood product.”  With over 160 years of experience to draw from, Ramirez and Ca. is one of the largest and oldest seafood canneries in history.

In recent years, we have expanded our line to include smoke-dried catfish products.  We source only the finest quality catch and work hard to preserve the premium taste from start to finish.  Our wood-smoke is produced using a select blend of sawdust drawn only from the heartwood of the tree to ensure that each batch is chemical free and naturally delicious.

At LaRuche Imports, we believe in what we do.  We’re proud of our work and grateful for the relationships we continue to develop. We’re here to grow with you and your customers.  Whether you’re interested in wholesale supply or a retail franchise, we would be honored to begin working with you today.