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Laruche Imports, Inc.

 9314 Summerbell Lane
Houston, TX 77074


Laruche Brands' Houston, Texas Headquarters
Our Corporate Office – Houston, TX

    About LaRuche Imports

    Headquartered in Houston, TX, Laruche Imports, Inc. was founded in 1994 as a importer and wholesaler of Norwegian and Icelandic Stockfish. Wild-caught Round Cod from the coastlines of these countries is widely known as a clean, healthy, and delicious source of nutrition.  The fish from these regions have long been a traditional staple of many diets around the world.

    Laruche Imports is led by its founder, President, and CEO, Mr. Uche G Kanu.  Under the leadership of Mr. Kanu, Laruche Imports has grown to become the largest importer and wholesale distributor of Norwegian and Icelandic Stockfish products in the United States. We owe a great deal of our early and continued success to our commitment to quality Stockfish products and remain grateful to be a part of the Stockfish tradition. From our suppliers to our customers, we simply could not be where we are today without the amazing people within this industry. This growth has led to a foundation of strong product demand and loyal customer relationships that have allowed us to look to the future.

    Thanks to our early success and the high demand for our quality stockfish products, in 2003 we expanded our product offering to include The Queen of the Coast® Brand products. This expansion has allowed us to offer the World-Famous Portuguese Sardines, Tuna, Tuna Salads, and more. The Queen of The Coast® Brand is produced in Portugal by Ramirez and Ca., and is highly regarded as “The World’s Finest Seafood product.”  With over 160 years of experience to draw from, Ramirez and Ca. is one of the largest and oldest seafood canneries in history.

    The strong consumer confidence in the quality of our products led to increasing demand for more seafood products, so in 2016 we further expanded our product line to include wild-caught smoke-dried catfish products.  We source only the finest quality catch and work hard to preserve the premium taste from start to finish.  Our wood-smoke is produced using a select blend of sawdust drawn only from the heartwood of the tree to ensure that each batch is chemical free and naturally delicious. Our smoke-dried catfish is as delicious as it looks and has the USDA symbol of approval for quality so that you can be confident that your family is enjoying the best.

    Now, as our journey continues with more than 26 years of dedicated service to our community, we believe the time has come for us to diversify our product line because since 1994 we focused entirely on meeting the quality seafood needs of our local community. However, for any company to succeed in today’s challenging business environment, it must evolve and recognize the need to diversify in order to meet the growing and diverse needs of the community it serves. Our recognition of the need for diversification has led to our decision to expand our product offering beyond our historical seafood product line, while maintaining our focus on serving the needs of nature. When mother-nature calls for food, we’ve been there to serve our community with quality seafood products. As our body digests the food we eat, it must at some point remove the excess food waste from our body, which then calls for our use of the restroom. Laruche Imports is also proud to meet mother-nature at this other point of need by making your next visit to the restroom a more pleasant experience, since the need for food and a visit to the restroom are both critical needs for life.

    We’re excited to announce our global partnership with JON-E-VAC® Corporation for the distribution of JON-E-VAC® Ventilated Toilet Seat System, a restroom air sanitizing product, effective June 1, 2021.

    The JON-E-VAC® Ventilated Toilet Seat System is a revolutionary product that vacuums off polluted air in the toilet bowl while the toilet is being used, and sanitizes the vacuumed air in a charcoal activated filter fan housing chamber by eliminating the foul odor and air-borne bacteria. The system then pumps into the restroom the refreshed and purified air that leaves the restroom ambience healthy and odor-free. Simply stated, the JON-E-VAC® ventilation system makes everyone’s restroom experience a pleasant one when mother-nature calls for number 2.

    As the exclusive distributor of the JON-E-VAC® Ventilated Toilet Seat System, Laruche Imports is pleased to offer wholesale pricing and free shipping for the JON-E-VAC® products to registered members of the Laruche Imports’ Preferred Customer Program, as we partner with you to introduce this exciting product to the general public. The Laruche Imports’ Preferred Customer Program is a convenient platform that provides a pathway to financial freedom for motivated and success driven individuals; and the JON-E-VAC® distributorship provides those members a greater opportunity for financial success as we work together to serve the growing and diverse needs of the global community.

    As we evolve and adapt to the dynamic global business environment, we’re committed to maintaining our focus on offering quality products that make sense and offer real benefits with value to our community. We look forward to our continued partnership with our preferred customers to serve the growing needs of our global community.

    At Laruche Imports, we believe in what we do.  We’re proud of our work and grateful for the relationships we continue to develop. We’re here to grow with you and your customers, and would be honored to begin working with you today.

    Contact us today at 713-995-9090 and ask a representative how you can become a preferred customer and start enjoying the financial freedom that comes with your entrepreneurial success.

    Laruche Imports and JON-E-VAC®Meeting Nature at Every Point of Need!