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Our gourmet tuna is certified Dolphin-safe and combines impressive taste with low mercury content. We offer two varieties, each rich in nutrients with no artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals. This makes them safe for all your customers, including pregnant women and children. Learn more about the benefits of gourmet tuna so you can pass along these facts to your consumers and watch your sales grow.

Tuna Nutrition Facts

There are many tuna nutrition facts you should know. Tuna is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies have also shown that increasing the amount of tuna in your diet can lower blood pressure, boost your metabolism, strengthen bones, and increase energy. When your customers purchase gourmet tuna, they are getting a delicious meal with many incredible benefits to their health.

Purchasing gourmet tuna from LaRuche Imports Inc. is a great way to benefit from all that tuna can provide without the risk of increased mercury in your diet. It is also the perfect brand for those who are concerned about ethical fishing and dolphin conservation.

Including Tuna in Everyday Meals

Including gourmet tuna in everyday meals is easy. Investing in high-quality, gourmet varieties ensure you can still get all the health benefits while also enjoying the mouth-watering taste. Many people start increasing the amount of tuna in their diets by including it in meals they already know and love. For example, it is easy to throw some tuna in with your salad or to add them in pasta sauces.

Tuna also makes for a fantastic spread. Mixing it with some cheese and chives can create a delicious dip. If you love the taste and want more than just a hint of it in your diet, you can replace things like chicken with tuna in many recipes. Tuna melts are another great way to eat more tuna without sacrificing any taste. Consider using goat cheese or an herb and garlic cream cheese along with the tuna for a flavorful appeal.

LaRuche Imports Inc.has a wide variety of gourmet tuna available that is sure to satisfy your customers. There are numerous health benefits to eating tuna, making it a perfect snack or meal component. Learning more about the nutritional benefits can help you increase your sales. Informing your customers about the benefits of the food they are buying is a great way to develop loyalty and boost sales.

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