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About Sardines

As a grocer, you need to be sure you provide your customers with high-quality products. It is essential to ensure that you have the best sardines and other canned fish items on your shelf. An increasingly large percentage of the population is becoming interested in eating a well-balanced diet, which includes increasing their intake of certain nutrients. Sardines are an excellent way to improve a person’s diet without sacrificing taste.

Are Sardines Healthy?

Sardines are an incredibly healthy food, filled with tons of nutrients missing from many modern diets. You should encourage your customers to increase their sardine consumption to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Even a small serving can provide you with:

  • Nearly 15 percent of your daily recommended vitamin B2
  • Almost 25 percent of your daily recommended niacin
  • 150 percent of your daily recommended vitamin B12

Increasing the consumption of these nutrients leads to improved nervous system functioning, a boost in metabolism, and better cognitive function. Sardines also contain tons of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, and selenium. Also, they are a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Consumers often have concerns about the mercury content of fish products. You can assure them that sardines are very low in contaminants, including mercury, because of their low position on the food chain. This makes them the perfect choice for all health-conscious families. They are also an excellent source of protein, which is ideal for those who are on low-carb or keto diets.

Sardine Recipe Ideas

Adding sardines to your diet is incredibly easy. For lunch, consider a sardine wrap, using lettuce or a tortilla and wrapping it around some sardines, spinach, and cheese. Veggie lovers can add whatever veggies they like to the mix. They are delicious when eaten directly from the can, with or without a spread. When added to a tomato sauce, they add a delicious twist to spaghetti squash. Other people add them to salads, spreads, and even pizza.

About Portuguese Sardines

Portugal is known for many things, including its love of sardines. Since the 1930s, sardines have been caught in and exported from Portugal. Lisbon is still a functional fish port, and sardines make up at least a third of all fish packaged there. Tinned sardines are used in just about everything, from street food and salad toppings to sandwich contents. Learning more about healthy Portuguese sardines gives you the knowledge you need to recommend these delicious items to your customers.

What are Portuguese Sardines?

Portuguese sardines are small fish caught off the coast of Portugal, typically in Lisbon, during the six-month sardine season. They are different from other sardines in both the way they are packaged and their taste. Many people prefer Portuguese sardines to others, claiming they have a healthier flavor. These sardines are packed in less oil, too, ensuring that more of the natural fish flavor comes through when they are eaten.

Why People Should Eat More Portuguese Sardines

There are a ton of health benefits that come with eating more sardines, especially Portuguese sardines, which rely on fewer fats and preservatives. Sardines are known to reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease. They also help reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles. Ingesting enough sardines can also help improve your mood, control your blood sugar, and promote weight loss. They are filled with tons of nutrients, including ones that are absent from many modern diets, including calcium. Sardines are well known for their healthy fat content, too.

Portuguese Sardine Recipe Ideas

One of the easiest and best Portuguese sardines recipes is grilled sardines. You can grill them right out of the tin in any number of sauces. Some people grill them right on the grill, flavoring them with a salt and pepper rub before serving them alongside potatoes and grilled veggies. Another delicious and healthy option is to include Portuguese sardines in with your potato salad, adding some extra protein and flavor.

Grocers wondering where to buy Portuguese sardines should look no further than LaRuche Imports. We offer a wide variety of the best Portuguese sardines on the market. All of our products are carefully sourced, using only the highest quality fish and packaging processes. As a result, you can trust that all of our products match the high standards your customers have.

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