Norwegian Stockfish powder is fine particles of stockfish harvested in the process of machine-cutting whole stockfish. The stockfish powder is collected in a special bag attached to the stockfish cutting machine, and serves as a delicious natural thickener for many traditional dishes. It also serves as a unique spice that adds rich stockfish flavor, vitamins, and nutrients to your favorite dishes.


Laruche Stockfish products consist of Norwegian wild-caught salt water cod fish that has been naturally dehydrated with no added salt or preservatives. The cleaned fresh fish with head and entrails removed are tied in pairs at the tail and hung on wooden racks to dry in natural fresh cold air (January – April). The drying process takes approximately three to four months, during which 70% of the water is removed and the essential vitamins and nutrients are retained. The dehydrated fish (STOCKFISH) acquires a peculiar flavor/taste that is totally different from the fresh cod fish flavor. The nutritional value of 1-Kg of stockfish is the same as approx. 5-Kg of fresh fish. Stockfish is one of the richest known sources of protein, Calcium, Iron and B-Vitamins. Stockfish can be adapted to suite most tastes and palates. When adequately soaked, the fish regains its original weight and the flesh becomes milky. The fish can be cooked in the same way as fresh cod-fish (poached, fried, creamed or grilled), and can be used in a wide variety of nutritional and tasty dishes. When stored in a dry, non-humid and cool place, stockfish can be kept for several years without the need for freezing or refrigeration.


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